The People

"Happy is the people whose God is the Lord."
Psalm 144:15b

There are so many different talents displayed by the VCSS associate families, ranging from art to music; construction to sewing; engineering to homemaking; exterior and interior design; gardening to home decorating; literary arts to culinary, and all sorts of talents and skills in between.

The Senior Class of 1988 had only two graduates, but proceeding classes have had between two and twenty-one receiving diplomas. The alumni of VCSS have proven themselves worthy to be called "Soldiers of Christ" in their individually chosen vocation in God's. Some have chosen to become homemakers, while others are pursuing their dreams in service to humanity as missionaries. Still others have realized a segment of their life's goal through higher education at a vocational school, a community college or the university. Still other VCSS alumni are in the US Armed Forces or pursuing careers as air pilots, computer programmers or computer technicians, professional electricians or plumbers. Some alumni have even established their own businesses. All in all, the strong educational foundation which each alumni received through VCSS has allowed them to make the right choice which has not only enhanced their present lives, but has given each one their own identity in developing themselves so as to impact the lives of others for the Lord in this present generation.

Academically, each graduating class speaks for itself, for the grade point average has ranged between 3.5 and 3.7. Also most alumni have applied for and received the state run college and university scholarship and most students graduate with 30 or more credits.

As one can tell by the above testimony the achievements of VCSS graduates places them each in the category of being people of integrity, creativity and excellence, as they continue to place the Lord Jesus as #1 in their lives.


The VCSS Handbook includes applicant information, testing information, scope and sequence, history of VCSS, and all forms required for the school year.