The Roots

"The roots of the righteous grow deep."
"Proverbs 12:3b

Victory Christian Satellite Schools, LLC (earlier known as Victory Christian School) was founded in 1981 in Hillsborough County, Florida, when Carl and Geneva Diane Cornwell began the journey of parent-directed education of the last three of their eight children. A year later, the Christian Home Interdependent Educators Fellowship was formed, and shortly, thereafter, "The C.H.I.E.F. Workshop" was born. (For ten years this couple traveled many thousands of miles instructing home educating parents in how to be better teachers.)

In the school's history more than 3,000 students and their parents have been influenced by the commitment of the VCSS leadership. The scope of VCSS encompasses Bible believers in Christ, with all associate families having the same goals: that of training their children in Godly wisdom and Christian character, teaching their children how to be leaders of their future families, while developing knowledge of self-government and their Godly heritage by educating them in the academics of basic and content subjects.

VCSS is a satellite system of private schools, which provides enrollment for parent directed education. VCSS is a legal option to families for meeting the compulsory attendance requirements; in Florida Reg. # 210138. Because of its national accreditation membership (since 1986) N.A.P.S. - school code #700124, it meets the compulsory attendance for all other States, as well. Its College Board school code number is 101647. By 2002 VCSS had established campuses in over thirty Florida counties, and several in other states. Both the founders of VCSS hold degrees from Freedom Christian University; Bro. Carl, a Bachelor's degree in Horticultural Science, and his wife a Doctorate in Education. In 1978 they obtained ministerial ordination credentials with Gospel Crusades International. They have a combined nearly 60 years in the teaching field.

The VCSS Handbook includes applicant information, testing information, scope and sequence, history of VCSS, and all forms required for the school year.