The Vision

"Believe in the Lord,
be established in your vision..."
2 Chronicles 20:20

As with any venture of eternal worth, there must be a vision for the future. VCSS is no exception. The Bible tells believers to "write the vision down and run with it." For VCSS its particular vision is much greater than it simply being a system of school campuses. To simplify the matter an acronym has been written for easy remembrance.

V ictory in Jesus; always!
I ndividualized training and discipleship!
S ystematic approach to life-long learning!
I nstruction in ideas which count for eternity!
O bedience to, and trust, in GOD!
N urturing souls for a bright future!

In reviewing each of the website’s headers of “The Roots”, “The Place”, “The Plan,” and “The People”, the reader then understands the entire spectrum which constitutes the fullness of "The Vision."

VCSS truly has become a far-reaching ministry, not just a “school.” At its conception, in December 1980, through its gestation period and all the years to the present, VCSS, has played a vital role in the lives of thousands it has touched. With its many counselors, as well as its office and web site associates, VCSS has become a lighthouse of encouragement for home schooling families.

One of the basic premises that embraces VCSS families into “The Vision” is that the founders of VCSS, along with its associate families, are exhorted to “never despise small beginnings” in which the larger vision grows and matures, becoming a vital force in generations to come, proving that VCSS is the quiet but dynamic ministry which is making a difference in the lives of its students.

The VCSS Handbook includes applicant information, testing information, scope and sequence, history of VCSS, and all forms required for the school year.